Unless otherwise indicated, all content on the site is original.  This page is for providing information on works commonly cited throughout the content and other resources that are being used to enrich the experience.

Works Cited

The following works are cited within the content of the site:

  • “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”, Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui.  ISBN: 4789004546
  • “A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar”, Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui.  ISBN: 4789007758
  • “A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar”, Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui.  ISBN: 4789012956
  • “スーパー大辞林” [Super Daijirin], Sanseido.  Digital Version
  • “大辞泉” [Daijisen], Shogakukan.  Digital Version
  • “ウィズダム英和辞典 / ウィズダム和英辞典” [Wisdom English-Japanese/Japanese English Dictionary], Sanseido.  Digital Version
  • “プログレッシブ英和・和英中辞典” [Progressive English-Japanese/Japanese English Dictionary], Shogakukan.  Digital Version
  • “類語例解辞典” [Japanese Thesaurus], Shogakukan.  Digital Edition
  • “EDICT”, Jim Breen.

The digital resources from Sanseido and Shogakukan are the versions that come/used to come packaged with OS X.

Discussions Cited

Various online discussions are occasionally cited as well.  The most typical sources for those are:

Used Under License

The following resources were created elsewhere and are used under license.  While we try to ensure proper credit (e.g. on images) within articles, here is a master list of what is being used and where it came from.

  • Kana Stroke Diagrams are used courtesy of the Stroke Order Project, which makes them available under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.